Q. Do you need to make a reservation for the canoes and kayaks?
A. Yes, you can do that via the online reservation form at https://booking.kano.be/. Reservations should always be made a few days in advance. The availability depends on the number of reservations we have already received and on the weather forecast. Kayaking and canoeing is possible every day after reservation.
Q: What is the distance and/or sailing time?
A: The distance depends on the route you choose. On https://kano.be/afstanden/ you will find more information about distances and sailing times. A sailing time of +/- 2 hours is experienced as pleasant by most people. Longer travel times are considered more sporty.
Q: Do we have to organise our own transport to and from the departure point?

A: The passenger transport back is indeed to be provided. Usually, one (or more) cars are parked at the arrival point and one (or more) car(s) is/are brought to the departure point. For groups of 10 people or more, we can also transport the bikes from the departure point to the arrival point. If organising the transport is a problem, you can also opt for a ride up and down from Noë’s Ark and leave the car at the departure point. Of course, we are responsible for delivering and collecting the canoes and kayaks.

Q. What does a canoe or kayak trip cost?
A. All tariffs you can find here .
Q: Can children sail along?
A: That is certainly possible. Young children can sit on the middle seat in a Canadian canoe or on the seat between the legs of the person in the back in a double seat kayak. Older children (7 years and older) can sit in front in a double-seat kayak.
Q: Can we take our dog in the kayak or canoe?
A: Dogs that are clean are allowed in the kayak or canoe.
Q: Do you have life jackets and/or waterproof barrels?
A: Yes, these can be rented at €2 each.
Q: Can we cancel in bad weather?
A: Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 1 day in advance.
Q. Can you pay contactless?
A. Preferably cash but Payconiq is also possible.