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What people say about us

“The perfect day trip!”

“We enjoyed the beautiful Kempen landscape!” Rita Verdonck

“Highly recommended!”

“The ideal combination of recreation and relaxation.” Dave Smets

“Enjoy the fauna and flora of the Little Nete!”

“Nice that there are enough stops to catch your breath!” Nadia Verhaegen

Kayaking Nete

During the summer of 2020, we went looking for fun activities in our own country. Kayaking in Belgium has therefore become very popular. Most people already knew that you can kayak in the Ardennes but you can also kayak on the Nete. 

Canoe and Kayak

At Noë’s Ark you can rent a kayak. We rent out two different types of boats: you can choose between a canoe and a kayak. In a Canadian canoe, you sit on a seat board and you steer it with a single paddle. This type of boat is very suitable for families with young children. You can also choose a single-seat kayak or a double-seat kayak. In these, you sit with your legs forward and these are steered with a double paddle. In a double-seat kayak, a young child can sit between the legs of the person in the back (a small seat is provided). Dogs are also allowed in our kayaks/canoes. In addition to the different types of boats, at Noë’s Ark you can also rent watertight containers to store valuables and life jackets for both children and adults.

Kayak Retie

There are several starting and stopping points. First, you can start with the kayak in Retie.

Kayaking Kasterlee

The next place you’ll encounter by kayak is Kasterlee. Then you arrive at the Ark of Noë in Lichtaart. Then you can kayak to Herentals and further on to Grobbendonk. This is the final stop. At each of these stops, there are catering establishments where you can have a drink and/or something to eat. The whole route is about 25 km, but for most people a trip of 8 to 10 km is sufficient.

Kayaking Herentals

You can also book a return trip at Noë’s Ark: for example you can kayak to Kasterlee and back or you can take the kayak to Herentals and back. The current on the Kleine Nete is minimal so this is perfectly doable.

Kayak Herentals

You can use the kayaks or canoes for a maximum of three hours.  If you do opt for a trip, it is best to leave at Noë’s Ark and kayak to Herentals. This is a trip of about two hours, which is ideal for most people. When you come to kayak on the Nete you have to take care of transportation yourself. For example, you can first park a car or the bikes at the arrival and then take a (second) car to the departure. We can also bring your bikes from the point of departure to the point of arrival (for a fee of €3 per bike, with a minimum of ten bikes).

Kayak Rental

Kayaking in Belgium also depends on the weather: when the weather is good, it is best to book a few days in advance. This can be done very easily via the reservation form on our website. If you make a reservation for the same day, make sure you receive a confirmation e-mail from us or contact us by phone after you have made your reservation. Kayak rentals start in April and run until October. You can depart daily between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Kayak Nete

In case of extreme pressure, we also offer departures outside of these hours. Kayaking on the Nete is the perfect activity for young and old. You determine the pace and distance yourself. It is both strenuous and relaxing, as you are constantly immersed in the Kempen countryside. The Kleine Nete meanders between alternating extensive landscapes and forests.  Are you still looking for a fun day out? Do not hesitate any longer and book now! You can find our rates for kayaking on the Kleine Nete on our website. For groups of twenty people or more (for example schools, companies or associations) we have special discounts. Be sure to ask for it. Preferably you pay cash on departure. If desired, we can also make an invoice.

Kayak Kasterlee

At the Ark van Noë in Lichtaart (Kasterlee) you can hire a canoe or kayak for the descent of the river Kleine Nete. The Kleine Nete is a slow-flowing river that is navigable from the water mill of Retie to the water mill of Grobbendonk. The total route is 25 km long and by canoe or kayak that means about 5 to 6 hours of sailing. Such a long route is rather for the experienced kayaker or canoeist.

Kayaking Herentals

The day-tripper prefers a route of about 10 km. We can recommend the following routes: Retie – Noë Ark, Noë Ark – Herentals and Herentals – Grobbendonk. On the way, you will encounter the most beautiful parts of the Kempen countryside; from meadows with cows coming to greet you by the water, through woods and fields. The fauna and flora in the Nete valley is wonderful and unique! Of course, you don’t have to bring your own kayak or canoe to do the trip. You can simply rent your kayak or canoe at the rental company Ark van Noë, a recreational area where the river Kleine Nete runs straight through. Reserve your equipment (possibly waterproof barrels and life jackets) in advance via our handy booking website and also fix your desired departure time, place of departure and arrival there.

Canoe and kayak Belgium

Nothing is easier than renting kayaks and canoes at Noë’s Ark. Kayaking and canoeing has become very popular in Belgium in recent years. Most people know kayaking and canoeing from the wilder rivers in the Ardennes. The Lesse, Amblève, the Sure; everyone has made kayaking trips on these rivers before. But you do not have to drive that far to paddle a day. Also in Flanders, and more specifically in the Kempen, you can do this. The last few years there has been a lot of investment in new kayak and canoe piers, which has greatly improved the accommodation. The landlords have also invested in new kayaks and canoes so that you can start your adventure in modern boats. Kayaking and canoeing on the Nete is a great pastime. Choose for yourself whether you want to float on the water for a few hours, half a day or a whole day. There is something for everyone. There are also many departure and stopping points where it is possible to eat or drink something. The Ark van Noë, for instance, has an extensive menu to help the sporty types regain their strength. Book your kayak or canoe trip online and we will help you get on the water. Transport to the departure point and from the arrival point is to be organised by the customer. However, the rental service can transport the bikes to the arrival or departure point and often there is also the possibility to rent a bike from the kayak rental company. See you soon on the water and back on land for exercise and relaxation.
15 April – 15 October Groups should contact us for off-season options!