How it works

There is a choice of a sailing or an up and down navigation

There is a choice of an outward or an inward journey



  • Ark van Noë offers sailings on the Kleine Nete.
  • When making a departure, the various stops can be selected as a point of departure or arrival. When making your reservation, specify the desired departure time and the chosen departure and arrival point. You thus determine your own route (based on availability). Your booking is only valid after you have received a confirmation e-mail from us.
  • If you choose a sailing, you should take into account that the passenger transport to and from the delivery jetty has to be organised by yourself.
  • Departure at Noë’s Ark is possible continuously from 09:30 to 16:00 after reservation

Up and down navigation

  • A trip up and down the river is only possible on the Kleine Nete with departure at Noë’s Ark. Here the current is minimal and you can therefore depart and arrive at the same place.
  • You then paddle upstream or downstream and return to the starting point. Until the next jetty (upstream or downstream) it takes about 1 hour kayaking. The trip there and back takes about 2 hours. At both piers there are pubs and restaurants where you can take a break.
  • Therefore, when going up and down, there is no passenger transport.
  • An ascent and descent is only possible departing from Noë’s Ark and is possible daily and continuously from 09:30 to 16:00. after reservation.

1. Choose the route

2. Choose the boat type

3. Book your trip


Place of appointment: The meeting point is always the departure point of the route you have chosen at the agreed time. Please report to the KANO.BE or ARKVANNOE.BE employee who is located near the departure jetty. Payment: Cash on departure unless otherwise agreed. Transport of bicycles: If you come with your own bike, we can transport it to the departure point for a fee of 3 euros per bike. Please note: only valid for a minimum of 10 bikes. Transport via Noë’s Ark: For larger groups, we can also provide bus transport. If you are interested, please ask about our possibilities. To be taken along: – Spare clothing, towels (in the car or in a waterproof container) – Preferably keep valuables at home or in the car. Otherwise, store in a waterproof bag or barrel – Sun cream – Insect repellent – What applies if you stop in one of the drinking and/or eating establishments along the way – Clean pets are also allowed in the canoe or kayak